About us


London Sharad Utsav (LSU) is a Registered Charity (No 1160554) based in North West London.

Sharad Utsav means “Autumn Festival” and refers to our flagship event, the Bengali festival of Durga Puja which we celebrate every year through four days of religious and cultural events at Ealing Town Hall. We arrange traditional ceremonies, a place for visitors to congregate for worship, and two days of cultural performances, all provided free of charge. Free food is also provided twice a day on all four days. The event sees more than 4000 visitors from London, the UK and abroad. Besides the Durga Puja, LSU organizes various cultural and community events throughout the year including Art Exhibitions, Cricket League, and Harrow Music Festival.


Email: info@londonsu.org
Anirban: 07717 005344
Suranjan: 07985 117932
Amiya Bhattacharya (Priest): 07801 542276


(A) The promotion of the moral or spiritual welfare and improvement of the community.

  1. London Sharad Utsav: An annual four-day programme of religious and cultural events held at Ealing Town Hall.
  2. Harrow Music Festival: Annual event where local UK and Indian artists present Indian musical and dance performances.
  3. Cricket Festival: Annual cricket league for community cricket teams. The event has been very successful and increasingly popular over the last few years. Cricket matches are supplemented by other family-oriented activities.

(B) The promotion of crafts and craftsmanship and the preservation of historical traditions.

Promotion of Bengali folk art is an important objective of the organization. LSU currently focuses on traditional Bengali folk painting. This painting tradition flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries and was “rediscovered” in the 1950s by the European modern art movement. Today Kalighat patachitra of the 1850s is considered one of the great artistic traditions of the world. LSU supports the few remaining village communities and artisans still practicing this artform, through exhibitions and talks in London.

(C) The provision of places of worship and raising awareness and understanding of religious practices.

The religious purpose is primarily served through an annual four-day religious and cultural Durga Puja festival at Ealing Town Hall. Durga Puja is the most important religious and cultural festival for the Bengali community and has been celebrated in the UK since the 1960s. LSU started a new Durga Puja in North-west London in 2009. The prestigious Ealing Town hall was selected as the venue for the festival with Nelson Hall as the space for the religious ceremony and congregational worship. The festival is open to all members of the public and we offer free lunch and dinner on all four days of the festival. Besides the Durga Puja, LSU also organizes or supports other religious festivals. We actively support London Kalibari of Harrow and Sanskriti of Reading in their annual Kali Puja (Diwali) festivals. LSU also organizes Saraswati Puja (usually at Harrow Arts Centre) and Lakshmi Puja (usually at Ealing Town Hall).

(D) The promotion of volunteering and the voluntary sector.

  1. Supporting other UK cultural and charitable organizations: LSU supports several UK organizations like London Kalibari of Harrow, Sanskriti of Reading, and CBC of Croydon. Support is provided via LSU members attending and volunteering in their projects activities, joint fundraising efforts, and through promoting the organizations in LSU promotional material such as our website and brochure.
  2. Supporting Indian charity organizations: We work with several Indian charity organisations such as Banchbo, Sabuj Sangha, Calcutta Rescue, Magic Bus, and SEEEFI. We raise awareness of these charities through our brochure, our website, and through banners in LSU events.