About us

About Us

London Sharad Utsav (LSU) is a Registered Charity (No 1160554) based in North West London.


Sharad Utsav means “Autumn Festival” and refers to our flagship event - the Bengali festival of Durga Puja - celebrated over four days of religious and cultural events at Ealing Town Hall.

We arrange traditional ceremonies, a place for visitors to congregate for worship, and two days of cultural performances, all provided free of charge.


The continuing success of the event has seen it hosted annually for the last ten years. With an assured footfall of over 4000 unique visitors, we have expanded our roster of events to other cultural and community events throughout the year including Art Exhibitions, Cricket League, and Harrow Music Festival.

Bengal Heritage Foundation (BHF) is an organisation initiated to preserve and promote the heritage of Bengal, in the UK through cultural, educational, industrial, sporting and tourism avenues.

In partnership with LSU, BHF will promote social cohesion between the Bengali Diaspora in the UK and their British counterparts through events that champion artistic and cultural experiences gaining advantage from shared history and values.


BHF will be instrumental in expanding the reach and impact of LSU through a rich, diverse, sustainable, dairy of festivals for 2019 grounded in celebration of arts, culture, sports that appeals to an audience cutting across different backgrounds, and generations – achieved in cooperation with government and charity organisations in the UK.


Charity Objective

The promotion of the moral or spiritual welfare and improvement of the community.

  • London Sharad Utsav: An annual four-day programme of religious and cultural events held at Ealing Town Hall.

  • Fagun Fest: An annual a music, arts, and food festival celebrating the Bengali Poush Mela

  • Harrow Music Festival: Annual event where local UK and Indian artists present Indian musical and dance performances.

  • Cricket Festival: Annual cricket league for community cricket teams.

  • IFA Shield: Annual community football league

The promotion of crafts and craftsmanship and the preservation of historical traditions.

  • LSU supports Indian folk art and artisans through exhibitions and talks in London.

  • As a partner of the Bengal Heritage Foundation, LSU promotes preserving heritage sites in the UK and in India

  • LSU promotes tourism initiatives linked to Heritage sites both in India and in the UK

The provision of places of worship and raising awareness and understanding of religious practices.

  • Annual four-day religious and cultural Durga Puja festival at Ealing Town Hall.

  • The Nelson Hall at Ealing serves as the space for the religious ceremony and congregational worship.

  • The festival is open to all members of the public and we offer free lunch and dinner on all four days of the festival.

  • LSU supports London Kalibari of Harrow and Sanskriti of Reading in their annual Kali Puja (Diwali) festivals.

The promotion of volunteering and the voluntary sector.

  • LSU supports several UK charity organizations like London Kalibari of Harrow, Sanskriti of Reading, and CBC of Croydon.

  • We also work with several Indian charity organisations such as Banchbo, Sabuj Sangha, Calcutta Rescue, Magic Bus, and SEEEFI.

London Sharad Utsav (LSU) is a Registered Charity (No 1160554) based in North West London.

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