Bengal Heritage Project

Bengal Heritage Project: An LSU initiative supported by SOAS

Prospective Partners: IIT Kharagpur, British Library, British Council, West Bengal Government, Jute Corporation of India

Vision and Objectives

Our vision is to promote Bengal’s Heritage, Art, Crafts, Festival, Food, and Culture in the UK.

Bengal has one of the richest, most distinctive and vibrant cultures in India, expressed through art, architecture, music, literature, cinema, dance, cuisine, textiles, and festivals. Indian Bengalis are a large and culturally active group in the UK, and this project will create opportunities to showcase and experience these rich and diverse traditions.

BHP Calendar of Events

BHP Launch Event
UK Launch of Bengal Heritage Project
Bengali Food Festival
Performance by Bengali Patachitra Artists
11th Feb, 2017Victoria Hall, Harrow
Rabindra Jayanti
Performances based on Tagore's music and poetry
5th May, 2017Nehru Centre, London
London Sharad Mela
Promote Bengali textiles such Jamdani, Kantha, Baluchari
Promote Jute handicrafts and textiles
Platform for UK-based artists to showcase their work
2nd Sep, 2017Victoria Hall, Harrow
London Sharad Utsav
Durga image to be made at Ealing Town Hall and SOAS by master craftsmen from Bengal
Promote Bengali Arts: Patachitra, Shola, Dokra, Stone, Terracotta
Harrow Music Festival
Live performance by Dhakis in London
Promote Festival and Heritage tourism in Bengal
28th Sep to 1st Oct, 2017SOAS and Ealing Town Hall

Bengal Heritage Project: News Coverage

Bengal Heritage Project: Launch Event

The Bengal Heritage Project (BHP) was launched on Saturday, the 11th of February at Victoria Hall, Harrow. More than 300 people attended the launch, Saraswati Puja, Bengali Food Festival and cultural programmes. The launch saw extraordinary performances by the artists Swarna and Monu Chitrakar from Naya village in West Bengal. They enchanted a packed audience with Pater Gaan on Krishnalila and the Komagata Maru incident. The cultural program included a song and dance performance of Rabindranath Tagore’s Ananda Loke (“Abode of Joy”) by Team LSU, a dance depiction of Durga by an SOAS student, and dances by young performers from Sanskriti.